jessie mcfloyd (godpiercedmyear) wrote in song_claim,
jessie mcfloyd

insert witty subject here

hi there. i'm jessie, new, and greedy. ordinarily i wouldn't care about advertising a claims community in my userinfo, but hell - for two extra songs, i'm down with that.

here we go:

best imitation of myself - ben folds
butterfly - crazy town
the calendar hung itself - bright eyes
comfortably numb - pink floyd
hold my hand - hootie and the blowfish
i am a rock - simon & garfunkel
in my life - the beatles
Jesus freak - dc talk
lullabye (goodnight, my angel) - billy joel
novocaine for the soul - eels
ode to a butterfly - nickel creek
plastic people - frank zappa
rock me, amadeus - falco
the time warp - "the rocky horror picture show"
ugly side - blue october

then, for the free advert:

lies - billy talent
up all night - unwritten law
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