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Claim Your Songs Before I Take Them!

Claim Your Favorite Songs!
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All Members , Moderated

Hey everybody, thanks for joining. I know there are a lot of claims communities, song ones too, but I had another code and I figured if I'm desparate enough to make it, you'll join it!


Everyone gets 15 claims as of now, that may grow to a larger number at a later time.

Please check the claims list before you claim, there will be no dual claiming.

If you advertise in your LJ user info you get 2 extra claims.

This community is moderated by iamthedan. Thanks to ko0lchiki for the background!

Claims List

100 Years-Five For Fighting by virtualinsomnia
1000 Words-Jade by pariah164
11:11-Rufus Wainwright by kiss_my_bender
12=3-Ima Robot by whatbrightside
2 Bad-Michael Jackson by mrsonsai
2:45 AM-Elliot Smith by little_nemo
20 Below-Hidden in Plain View by same_to_you
20, November-DJ Naguero by rekkashien
3X5-John Mayer by crazylace01
4 AM-Our Lady Peace by comeandsee
45-Shinedown by iamthedan
5:15-The Who by mmmmjournal
500 Miles-The Proclaimers by fellomartian
867-5309/Jenny-Tommy Tutone by islandgirl29
99 Problems-Jay Z by gimpygoblin
99 Red Balloons-Goldfinger by joedude244
#41-Dave Matthews Band by indigojenn

A Boy and His Machine Gun-Matthew Good Band by comeandsee
A Day in the Life-The Beatles by gambix
A Girl Like You-Smithereens by islandgirl29
A Moment Like This-Kelly Clarkson by x0xjenniferx0x
A Movie Script Ending-Death Cab For Cutie by spankmecold
A Quick One (While He's Away)-The Who by cobwebs_strange
A Sort of Homecoming-U2 by colourscrash
Abbey Road Medley-The Beatles by gambix
Accidents Never Happen-Blondie by colourscrash
Across the Sea-Weezer by osaka
Across the Universe-The Beatles by pinktwilight_82
Act A Fool-Ludacris by joedude244
Advice-The Pillows by pariah164
Again-Lenny Kravitz by mmmmjournal
Aha, Springtime of Life's Erotic Hell-Yasushi Ishii by ko0lchiki
Ain't Too Proud To Beg-The Temptations by ticklemedildo
All Apologies-Nirvana by kandykisses221
All I Need-The Temptations by mrsonsai
All Mixed Up-311 by childishdreams
All the Things She Said-Tatu by littlecrush1981
All You Need is Love-The Beatles by kinkytreehouse
Aladdin Sane-David Bowie by ziggyplaydguitr
Always-Saliva by grandcross
Always Something There To Remind Me-Naked Eyes by toobunnilicious
Amazing-Josh Kelly by jessyann
American Pie-Don McLean by jessyann
Amsterdam-Guster by jessyann
Andy Warhol-David Bowie by ziggyplaydguitr
Anna Begins-Counting Crows by indigojenn
Aneurysm-Nirvana by whatbrightside
Annie Wait-Ben Folds by childishdreams
Another Day in Paradise-Phil Collins by haj33086
Another One Bites the Dust-Queen by hawlohx
Another Night-Real McCoy by lost_melody
Another One Bites the Dust-Queen by hawlohx
Ants Marching-Dave Matthews Band by crazylace01
Anxiety-Black Eyed Peas by magicpoison
Any Way You Want It-Journey by lost_melody
Anyone Can Play Guitar-Radiohead by conker
Anything But Ordinary-Avril Lavigne by theqtwithstyle
Apache Rose Peacock-Red Hot Chili Peppers by mandragora
Apparitions-Matthew Good Band by comeandsee
Arizona-Mark Lindsay by agonystar
Artificial Sweetener-No Doubt by colourscrash
As Heaven Is Wide-Garbage by magicpoison
As It Stands-The Juliana Theory by hip2besquare
As Tears Go By-Marrienne Faithful by agonystar
As We Speak-Soilwork by grandcross
As Your Ghost Takes Flight-Saves the Day by whatbrightside
Asche Zu Asche-Rammstein by gothic_hippie
Ashita, Genki ni Naare-Miyavi by didgey
Asleep-The Smiths by glortw
Audio Blood-The Matches by whatbrightside
Autumn Sweater-Yo La Tengo by spankmecold

Baba O'Riley-The Who by mmmmjournal
Baby Blue-The Early November by same_to_you
Baby Britain-Elliot Smith by feeed_your_head
Baby Done A Bad Bad Thing-Chris Issak by steebles
Baby Don't Go-Dwight Yoakam and Sheryl Crow by agonystar
Back in Black-AC/DC by osaka
Back in the Day-KJ-52 by fellomartian
Bad-U2 by colourscrash
Bad Town-Operation Ivy by bigchoice
Bag It Up-Geri Halliwell by eurobeatqueen
The Ballad of Curtis Loew-Lynyrd Skynyrd by mmmmjournal
Bang Bang-Nancy Sinatra by hip2besquare
The Bard Song-Blind Guardian by iamthedan
Basket Case-Green Day by will_you_notice
Beautiful-Joydrop by magicpoison
The Beautiful Letdown-Switchfoot by imlion_o
Bed of Lies-Matchbox 20 by jessyann
Beginning In An Ending-Against Me! by bigchoice
Behind Blue Eyes-Limp Bizkit by jessyann
Bended Knee-Boyz II Men by ticklemedildo
The Best Deceptions-Dashboard Confessional by iwant2hearusad
The Best of What's Around-Dave Matthews Band by indigojenn
Big Choice-Face to Face by bigchoice
Bittersweet Symphony-The Verve by waelk
Black Betty-Ram Jam by sweetcherrypez
Black Caddilacs-Modest Mouse by hip2besquare
Black Concert T-Shirt-Watershed by conker
Black Dog-Led Zeppelin by insertaliashere
Blame it on the Boogie-The Jacksons by mrsonsai
Bleed-Ours by gothic_hippie
Blinded With Science-Thomas Dolby by steebles
Blister in the Sun-Violent Femmes by whatbrightside
Blonde on Blue-The Headstones by kiss_my_bender
Blood One-Bikini Kill by feeed_your_head
Bloody Romance-Senses Fail by ginnah
Blue Blood-X-Japan by fearlessfirefly
Bohemian Like You-The Dandy Warhols by hip2besquare
Bohemian Rhapsody-Queen by joedude244
Boom-System of A Down by kandykisses221
Boomin'-Mindless Self Indulgence by lemonpez
Born to Lose-Ray Charles by gimpygoblin
Born to Run-Bruce Springsteen by gambix
Born Under Punches-Talking Heads by steebles
Boss of Me-They Might Be Giants by jessyann
Box of Rain-Grateful Dead by feeed_your_head
Boys Don't Cry-The Cure by kiss_my_bender
Boys of Summer-Don Henley by islandgirl29
Brainstew-Greenday by breakinginside
Brandy-Looking Glass by islandgirl29
Breakfast in America-Supertramp by joeygatorman
Breaking A Habbit-Linkin Park by x0xjenniferx0x
Breaking All The Rules(Berman Brothers Dance Mix) - She Moves by thefishes
Breathe-Michelle Branch by everythingfaded
Breathing-Lifehouse by lost_melody
Breathing-Yellowcard by glossgrrrl
Brian Wilson-Barenaked Ladies by iamthedan
The Bright Side of the Road-Van Morrison by agonystar
Brilliant Disguise-Bruce Springsteen by crazee_chels
Broken-Seether by iamthedan
Buck Dich-Rammstein by gothic_hippie
Buddy Holly-Weezer by bananahammock12
Building A Mystery-Sarah McLachlan by sweetcherrypez
Bullet With Butterfly Wings-The Smashing Pumpkins by hip2besquare
Burn-Jesse Harris and the Ferdinandos by imlion_o
Butterfly-DDR by fellomartian
Butterflies and Hurricanes-Muse by ko0lchiki

Call Me-Blondie by same_to_you
Call Me Beautiful-Ginny Owens by imlion_o
Can I Kick It?-A Tribe Called Quest by feeed_your_head
Candy-Iggy Pop & Kate Pierson by evilcandy
Can't Get My Head Around You-Offspring by glossgrrrl
Can't Hold Us Down-Christina Aguilera and Lil Kim by x0xjenniferx0x
Can't Hurry Love-The Supremes by mandragora
Can't Let Go-Mariah Carey by danielle09
Capital Heights-Motion City Sountrack by bananahammock12
Caught in the Sun-Course of Nature by danielle09
Cemetery-Silverchair by gothic_hippie
Centerfield-John Fogerty by gambix
Certain Victory Lotus Sutra Tune-Yasushi Ishii by ko0lchiki
CFTPA In A Yellow T-Shirt-Casiotone for the Painfully Alone by waytogoeinstein
Change-Good Charlotte by osaka
Cheekah Bow Bow-Vengaboys by eurobeatqueen
Chemistry-Semisonic by crazee_chels
Chemo Limo-Regina Spektor by ohdearyme
China Cat Sunflower-Grateful Dead by insertaliashere
Chop Suey!-System of A Down by magicpoison
The Cigarette Song-The All-American Rejects by peachgreenleaf
Clarity-John Mayer by crazylace01
Cleo-Built to Spill by feeed_your_head
Clock-Coldplay by everythingfaded
Closer to Me-Kendall Payne by littlecrush1981
Closure-Chevelle by danielle09
Cobwebs and Strange-The Who by cobwebs_strange
Cold Hard Bitch-Jet by bananahammock12
Colorful-The Verve Pipe by gimpygoblin
Come Back to What You Know-Embrace by crazee_chels
Come Dig Me Out-Kelly Osbourne by osaka
Come Sail Away-Styx by kinkytreehouse
Come What May-Ewan McGregor by haj33086
Commissioning a Symphony in C-Cake by rekkashien
Condition Oakland-Jawbreaker by comeandsee
Confessions Part II-Usher by fearlessfirefly
Congradulations-The Goddess Family Club by fearlessfirefly
Cool Enough For You-Five Iron Frenzy by fellomartian
Cornered-Dark Tranquility by grandcross
Crash Into Me-Dave Matthews Band by danielle09
Crazy-Aerosmith by jessyann
Crazy-Patsy Cline by imlion_o
Crazy Like A Fox-Keith Moon by cobwebs_strange
Crazy On You-Heart by hawlohx
Crimson and Clover-The Velvet Underground by hip2besquare
Crumbin' Down-John Mellencamp by will_you_notice
Crush-Dave Matthews Band by pinktwilight_82
Cry-Mandy Moore by everythingfaded

Damaged-TLC by littlecrush1981
Dance This Mess Around-The B-52's by steebles
Dancing Machine-Jackson 5 by mrsonsai
Dante's Prayer-Loreena McKennitt by childishdreams
Day After Day-Badfinger by agonystar
Dazed and Confused-Led Zeppelin by lemonpez
Dear God-XTC by steebles
Dear Jessie-Rollergirl by eurobeatqueen
December-Collective Soul by waelk
Defying Gravity-Wicked (Musical) by unbreak_able
Desperado-The Eagles by kinkytreehouse
Detachable Penis-King Missile by gothic_hippie
The Devil Went Down to Georgia...Charlie Daniel Band by evilcandy
The Difference-Matchbox 20 by jessyann
Differences-Ginuwine by haj33086
Digital Love-Daft Punk by postbagboy
Dirrty-Christina Aguilera by kandykisses221
The Disco Before the Breakdown-Against Me! by bigchoice
Dismissed-ZOEgirl by littlecrush1981
Dissassociative-Marilyn Manson by gimpygoblin
The District Sleeps Alone Tonight-The Postal Service by iamthedan
Do Not-John Reuben by joedude244
Do Ya-Electric Light Orchestra by joeygatorman
Do You Realize??-Flaming Lips by spankmecold
(Don't Fear) the Reaper-Blue Oyster Cult by iamthedan
(Don't Go Back to) Rockville-R.E.M. by mmmmjournal
Don't Leave Me-Blackstreet by danielle09
Don't Let the Sun Go Down On Me-Elton John by little_nemo
Don't Stand So Close to Me-The Police by young_hearts
Don't Stop Believing-Journey by kinkytreehouse
Don't Speak-No Doubt by kandykisses221
Don't Wanna Be A Player-Big Pun and Joe by chapter22_reads
Down-311 by childishdreams
Down and Under-Devin Townsend by conker
Downfall-Matchbox 20 by will_you_notice
Dragon Attack-Queen by joeygatorman
Drain-X-Japan by didgey
Dreaming A Reality-Senses Fail by same_to_you
Dreaming of You-Selena by danielle09
The Dreaming Tree-Dave Matthews Band by indigojenn
Drift Away-Rolling Stones by kinkytreehouse
Drive-Incubus by x0xjenniferx0x
Driven Under-Seether by kandykisses221
Dying In New Brundswick-Thursday by sweetcherrypez

Ebay-Weird Al Yankovic by magicpoison
Echoes-Pink Floyd by ismurfedu247
Eiffel 65-Move Your Body by eurobeatqueen
El Scorcho-Weezer by osaka
Eleanor Rigby-Zoot by evilcandy
Elephant Medley-Ewan McGregor and Nicole Kidman by haj33086
Emily-Velvet Chain by bigchoice
Emotional Sickness-Silverchair by kiss_my_bender
Engel-Rammstein by grandcross
Enjoy the Silence-Depeche Mode by chapter22_reads
Entertaining Angels-Newsboys by haj33086
The End-The Doors by lemonpez
End of the Road-Boyz II Men by danielle09
Escape-Hoobastank by grandcross
Eternal Flame-The Bangles by danielle09
Eulogy-Tool by illjusthang
Evaporated-Ben Folds Five by childishdreams
Evergreen-Hyde by makotokino
Everlong-Foo Fighters by osaka
Every Day Is Like Sunday-Morrissey by young_hearts
Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic-The Police by crazee_chels
Everybody Hurts-R.E.M. by iamthedan
Everybody Wants to Rule the World-Tears For Fears by chapter22_reads
Everybody's Got A Story-Amanda Marshall by littlecrush1981
Everyday-Buddy Holly by bananahammock12
Everything-Lifehouse by danielle09
Everything Evil-Coheed and Cambria by losing_all_hope
Everytime-Janet Jackson by littlecrush1981
Eyes of the World-Fleetwood Mac by colourscrash
Explosive-Bond by didgey

Face:Face-Norma Jean by i_cry_emo_tears
Faggot-Mindless Self Indulgence by will_you_notice
Failing the Rosach Test-Matthew Good Band by comeandsee
Failure to Excommunicate-Relient K by ginnah
Faithfully-Journey by kinkytreehouse
Fake Cowboy-Decoy by iwant2hearusad
Fake Plastic Trees-Radiohead by glortw
Falling-Ben Kweller by hip2besquare
Fantasy-Mariah Carey by ticklemedildo
Faster-Manic Street Preachers by feeed_your_head
Fat-Bottomed Girls-Queen by ismurfedu247
Feel Like Making Love-Kid Rock by jessyann
Fields of Gold-Sting by crazee_chels
Fighter-Christina Aguilera by magicpoison
The Final-Dir en Grey by didgey
Fire and Rain-Marcia Hines by evilcandy
Fire On High-Electric Light Orchestra by joeygatorman
Flood-Jars of Clay by haj33086
Fluffhead-Phish by insertaliashere
Fly Me to the Moon-Frank Sinatra by virtualinsomnia
Flying on the Wings of Steam (Remix)-Chris Vrenna by pariah164
Follow Your Heart-DJ Trax by thefishes
Fooling Yourself(The Angry Young Man)-Styx by joeygatorman
Fools Cross over Nirvana ~Grudge Prohibited~-Yasushi Ishii by ko0lchiki
For the Moments I Feel Faint-Relient K by imlion_o
Forever Longing the Golden Sunsets-The Appleseed Cast by losing_all_hope
Forward Motion-Relient K by ginnah
Freak-A-Leek-Petey Pablo by fearlessfirefly
Freebird-Lynyrd Skynyrd by iamthedan
Freshman-The Verve Pipe by kandykisses221
Fuck It-Eamon by kandykisses221
Fun Song-Spongebob and Plankton P&T by mmmkay_m0nkay
Funeral for a Friend/Love Lies Bleeding-Elton John by mmmmjournal

The Gambler-Kenny Rogers by evilcandy
Gary and Melissa-King Missile by eamontoplease
Get Born Again-Alice in Chains by waelk
Get It On (Bang A Gong)-T. Rex by steebles
Get Up-Superchic[k] by joedude244
Getaway-Train by comeandsee
Getting In Tune-The Who by cobwebs_strange
Getting Into You-Relient K by ginnah
The Ghost Song-The Doors by lemonpez
Ghost Town-The Specials by bigchoice
Gibberish-Relient K by ginnah
Gimme Shelter-Rolling Stones by steebles
Girl Can't Help It-Journey by lost_melody
Girl in 14G-Kristin Chenoweth by unbreak_able
Girls Are Ambitious-Miyavi by makotokino
Gloria-Patti Smith by glortw
Glory of Love-Chicago by theqtwithstyle
Go-KatiO by lali333
God of Wonders-Caedmon's Call by haj33086
Going Underground-The Jam by ohdearyme
Gone-N'Sync by magicpoison
Gone So Quick Tomorrow-Convoy by childishdreams
Gonna Be Love-Mandy Moore by everythingfaded
Good Boys-Blondie by postbagboy
Good Enough-Sarah McClachlan by virtualinsomnia
Good Ridance (Time of Your Life)-Green Day by ismurfedu247
Good Vibrations-the Beach Boys by joeygatorman
Goodnight Good Fight-The Evan Anthem by doubleohlauren
Grand Theft Autumn-Fallout Boy by breakinginside
Gravedigger-Dave Matthews Band by indigojenn
Gravity Attack-Machine by didgey
Great Gig in the Sky-Pink Floyd by spankmecold
Greatest Fan of Your Life-Edwin McCain by ticklemedildo
Grey Street-Dave Matthews Band by indigojenn
Groovy Kind of Love-Phil Collins by theqtwithstyle

Haemoglobin-Placebo by kiss_my_bender
Hall of Mirrors-The Distillers by loveme2_times
Hallelujah-Jeff Buckley by magicpoison
Handle With Care-The Traveling Wilburys by mmmmjournal
Hands Clean-Alanis Morissette by x0xjenniferx0x
Hands Down-Dashboard Confessional by everythingfaded
Hang-Matchbox Twenty by illjusthang
Hang Fire-Rolling Stones by joeygatorman
Happiness-Elliot Smith by spankmecold
Happiness and the Fish-Our Lady Peace by haj33086
Happiness Is A Warm Gun-The Beatles by feeed_your_head
Happy Endings-The All-American Rejects by peachgreenleaf
Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger by postbagboy
The Hardest Button to Button-The White Stripes by steebles
Harriet's Got A Song-Ben Kweller by insertaliashere
Haruka Kanata-Asian Kung-Fu Generation by fearlessfirefly
Hate This Place-The Goo Goo Dolls by comeandsee
Hatred Guy of Sinfulness-Yasushi Ishii by ko0lchiki
Haunted-Poe by childishdreams
Have You Seen Me Lately-Counting Crows by crazylace01
He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother-The Hollies by kinkytreehouse
He Doesn't See Me-Sarah Brightman by magicpoison
Heart and Shoulder-Heather Nova by islandgirl29
Heart in the Hand of Matter...And You Will Know Us-The Trail of Dead by conker
Heart of Glass-Blondie by ohdearyme
The Heart of the Matter-Don Henley by gambix
Heart-Shaped Box-Nirvana by postbagboy
Heartbreaker-Led Zeppelin by flear_8
Heat Capacity-TM Revolution by didgey
Hello, It's Me-Todd Rundgren by sweetcherrypez
Help Me, Rhonda-The Beach Boys by mmmmjournal
Helplessly, Hopelessly-Jessica Andrews by everythingfaded
Hemp Smoke Stings the Eyes-Yasushi Ishii by ko0lchiki
Her Ghost in the Fog-Cradle of Filth by gothic_hippie
Here Comes the Sun-The Beatles by childishdreams
Here Comes Your Man-The Pixies by young_hearts
Here I Go Again-Whitesnake by osaka
Here We Go-Grits by joedude244
Here Without You-Three Doors Down by theqtwithstyle
Hey Jude-The Beatles by spankmecold
Hey Julie-Fountains of Wayne by eamontoplease
Hey Jupiter-Tori Amos by glortw
Hey You-Pink Floyd by insertaliashere
Hidden Leaves Harmony-Yasushi Ishii by ko0lchiki
Higher and Higher-Jackie Wilson by crazee_chels
Hold On-Good Charlotte by osaka
Hold the Line-Toto by evilcandy
Hole in My Soul-Aerosmith by danielle09
Hole in the Head-Sugababes by littlecrush1981
Holidae Inn-Chingy by mrsonsai
Homesick-Pierrot by didgey
Hopeful Spiders-The Bananas by waytogoeinstein
Houses Of The Holy-Led Zeppelin by glortw
How-Lisa Loeb by virtualinsomnia
How Bizzare-OMC by thefishes
How Soon is Now-Smiths by steebles
Human Nature-Madonna by chapter22_reads
Human Nature-Michael Jackson by ticklemedildo
Human Remains-Tom Mcrae by bigchoice
Humpty-Dumpty Love Song-Travis by spankmecold
Hungry Like the Wolf-Duran Duran by postbagboy
Hurt-Johnny Cash by young_hearts
Hysteria-Muse by ko0lchiki

I Am Understood?-Relient K by doubleohlauren
I Believe in a Thing Called Love-The Darkness by joedude244
I Can See Clearly Now-Jimmy Cliff by danielle09
I Can See For Miles-The Who by cobwebs_strange
I Celebrate the Day-Relient K by imlion_o
I Could Not Ask For More-Sara Evans by will_you_notice
I Died-Bif Naked by bigchoice
I Do Things For You-Gackt by makotokino
I Don't Wanna Be Me-Type O Negative by grandcross
I Don't Want to Be-Gavin DeGraw by crazylace01
I Don't Want to Miss A Thing-Aerosmith by jessyann
I Feel So-Boxcar Racer by childishdreams
I Knew I Loved You Before I Met You-Savage Garden by theqtwithstyle
I Love You-Jewelry by rekkashien
I Love You-Martina McBride by danielle09
I Miss You (acoustic version)-Incubus by bigchoice
I Still Believe-Mariah Carey by chapter22_reads
I Told You So-Barenaked Ladies by comeandsee
I Turn To You-Christina Aguilera by theqtwithstyle
I Want to Hear You Sad-Early November by iwant2hearusad
I Want to Hold Your Hand-The Beatles by ismurfedu247
I Want You to Want Me-Letters to Cleo by joedude244
I.B.C.J. Siege Rope-Yasushi Ishii by ko0lchiki
Ich Will-Rammstein by gothic_hippie
I'd Rather See God's Face-GS Megaphone by iamthedan
If-Marcella Detroit by magicpoison
If It Were Up To Me-Rooney by i_cry_emo_tears
If Tomorrow Never Comes-Garth Brooks by ticklemedildo
If You Are False-Fae Wong by makotokino
If You're Not the One-Daniel Bedingfield by theqtwithstyle
I'll Be-Edwin McCain by virtualinsomnia
I'll Be Damn-D12 by gimpygoblin
I'll Be Gone-Spectrum by evilcandy
I'll Be Your Lampshade-Beulah by spankmecold
I'll Be Your Song-Heart by islandgirl29
I'm Just A Kid-Simple Plan by gimpygoblin
I'm Only Sleeping-The Vines by hip2besquare
I'm Still Here-John Rzeznik by chapter22_reads
Illuminati-Malice Mizer by didgey
Imagine-John Lennon by kinkytreehouse
Imitation of Life-R.E.M. by postbagboy
The Immigrant Song-Led Zeppelin by kiss_my_bender
In Circles-Sunny Day Real Estate by losing_all_hope
In Love With the 80's (Pink Tux to the Prom)-Relient K by mrsonsai
In Other Words-Ben Kweller by whatbrightside
In Our Darkest Hour-Phantom Planet by whatbrightside
In the Air-Tobymac by joedude244
In the Car-Barenaked Ladies by comeandsee
In the City-The Eagles by mmmmjournal
In the Sun-Joseph Arthur by childishdreams
In Your Eyes-Peter Gabriel by islandgirl29
Incident On 57th Street-Bruce Springsteen by glortw
Independence Day-Elliot Smith by little_nemo
Infected-Bad Religion by whatbrightside
Into the Fire-Bryan Adams by crazee_chels
Into the Great Wide Open-Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers by postbagboy
Invisible-Clay Aiken by x0xjenniferx0x
Irene-Tobymac by thefishes
Iris-Goo Goo Dolls by joedude244
Is Anybody Home?-Our Lady Peace by sweetcherrypez
It Ain't Me Babe-Bob Dylan by imlion_o
It's Been Awhile-Staind by everythingfaded
It's My Life-Talk Talk by chapter22_reads
It's Not-Aimee Mann by eamontoplease
It's Oh So Quiet-Bjork by theqtwithstyle
It's the End of the World As We Know It-R.E.M. by eurobeatqueen
I've Got Friends In Low Places-Garth Brooks by ismurfedu247

Jackie's Strength-Tori Amos by childishdreams
Jaded(These Years)-Mest by osaka
Jane Says-Jane's Addiction by iamthedan
Janie'S Got A Gun-Aerosmith by jessyann
The Japanese Alphabet Road with Chinese Bellflower's Sweet Smell-Yasushi Ishii by ko0lchiki
Jefferson Aeroplane-Relient K by mrsonsai
Jesus Etc.-Wilco by spankmecold
Jesus Was Way Cool-King Missile by pikafumanchu
Jibun Kakumei - Miyavi by didgey
Jimi Thing-Dave Matthews Band by indigojenn
Jo-Jo's Jacket-Stephen Malkmus by glortw
The Joker-Steve Miller Band by evilcandy
Journey-Who's Crying Now? by will_you_notice
Juliet's Refrain-Michal by magicpoison
Julius-Phish by catherineclare
Jumpin Jack Flash-Rolling Stones by kinkytreehouse
Jungle-Electric Light Orchestra by joeygatorman
Just Like Heaven-The Cure by comeandsee

Kashmir-Led Zeppelin by catherineclare
Kaze Wa Mirai ni Fuku-Trigun Soundtrack by pariah164
Keep Me Hanging On-Kim Wilde by littlecrush1981
The Kids Are Alright-The Who by cobwebs_strange
Killer Queen-Queen by ticklemedildo
Killing Me Softly With His Song-Kimberley Caldwell by x0xjenniferx0x
Kimi to lu Hana-Asian Kung-fu Generation by didgey
Kind and Generous-Natalie Merchant by chapter22_reads
The KKK Took My Baby Away-The Ramones by gothic_hippie
Konstantine-Something Corporate by osaka
Kyle's Mom's a Bitch-Cartman from South Park by mmmkay_m0nkay

La Cienega Just Smiled-Ryan Adams by glortw
LA Woman-The Doors by glortw
Lady-The Temptations by mrsonsai
Lady Stardust-David Bowie by ziggyplaydguitr
Laid-Matt Nathanson by crazylace01
Land Down Under-Men At Work by childishdreams
The Last Train Home-Lost Prophets by punkrockdreams
Last Kiss-Pearl Jam by ismurfedu247
The Last Resort-The Eagles by gambix
The Last Song-The All-American Rejects by peachgreenleaf
Late Goodbye-Poets of the Fall by grandcross
Layla-Eric Clapton by conker
Lean On Me-Al Green by ticklemedildo
Let It Be-The Beatles by spankmecold
Let It Enfold You-Senses Fail by iwant2hearusad
Let Me Fall-Josh Groban by unbreak_able
Life Got Cold-Girls Aloud by littlecrush1981
Life on Mars-David Bowie by ziggyplaydguitr
Life's Been Good-Joe Walsh by mmmmjournal
Light My Fire-The Doors by insertaliashere
Lightning Crashes-Live by mmmmjournal
Like A Child-Jars of CLay by haj33086
Like A Prayer-Rufio by childishdreams
Like A Rolling Stone-Bob Dylan by agonystar
Like A Stone-Audioslave by virtualinsomnia
Limbo-Buck-Tick by didgey
Lithium-Nirvana by ismurfedu247
Little Busters-The Pillows by fearlessfirefly
Little Ray of Sunshine-Axium by evilcandy
Little Red Book-Love by agonystar
Little Red Corvette-Prince by ticklemedildo
Live at Dominoes-Avalanches by conker
Live In Stereo-Newsboys by joedude244
Livin' On A Prayer-Bon Jovi by will_you_notice
The Logical Song-Supertramp by agonystar
Long Distance Runaround-Yes by cobwebs_strange
Look At Us Now-Serena Paris by rekkashien
Lose Yourself-Eminem by theqtwithstyle
Love Doesn't Have to Hurt-Atomic Kitten by littlecrush1981
Love Her Madly-The Doors by granddadyydisco
Love in An Elevator-Aerosmith by jessyann
Love Is In the House-Tobymac by thefishes
Love Is Only A Feeling-The Darkness by postbagboy
Love is the Drug-Roxy Music by steebles
Love Shack-The B-52's by bananahammock12
Love Song-The Cure by ohdearyme
Love Song-Third Day by imlion_o
Love Song For No One-John Mayer by theqtwithstyle
The Love You Save-Jackson 5 by mrsonsai
Lovely One-The Jacksons by mrsonsai
Lover I Don't Have to Love-Bright Eyes by whatbrightside
Lover Lay Down-Dave Matthews Band by pinktwilight_82
Lover You Should've Come Over-Jeff Buckley by islandgirl29
Loverboy-Mariah Carey by x0xjenniferx0x
Love's Divine-Seal by rekkashien
Lovin' Is What I Got-Sublime by ginnah
Low Man's Lyric-Metallica by ismurfedu247
The Low Spark of High Heeled Boys-Traffic by colourscrash
Lucky-Radiohead by feeed_your_head
Lullaby-The Cure by feeed_your_head
Lump-The Presidents of the United States of America by sweetcherrypez

Mad World-Gary Jules by bigchoice
Mad World-Tears for Fears by iamthedan
Magdalena-A Perfect Circle by conker
Magic Bus-The Who by cobwebs_strange
Magic In the Air-Badly Drawn Boy by little_nemo
Magic Man-Heart by hawlohx
Make A Move-Lost Prophets by grandcross
Man of the Hour-Pearl Jam by bananahammock12
Man on the Moon-R.E.M. by kiss_my_bender
Marine Snow-OutPhase by rekkashien
Mary Jane's Last Dance-Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers by lemonpez
Mary Lee Jones-Lindsey Buckingham by colourscrash
Material Girl-Madonna by pinktwilight_82
Maxwell's Silver Hammer-The Beatles by gothic_hippie
Maybe I'm Amazed-Paul McCartney by cobwebs_strange
Measure of a Man-Clay Aiken by gimpygoblin
Mein Teil-Rammstein by gothic_hippie
Meippai Dakishimete-P-chicks by fearlessfirefly
Memory-Sugarcult by bananahammock12
Memory of a Free Festival-David Bowie by toobunnilicious
The Metro-Berlin by islandgirl29
Mexican Wine-Fountains of Wayne by bananahammock12
Midnight Celebration-HYDE by didgey
Milky Way-L'Arc~en~ciel by didgey
Mirror Ball-Jesse Harris and the Ferdinandos by imlion_o
Misery-The Beatles by ismurfedu247
Miss Independent-Kelly Clarkson by x0xjenniferx0x
Miss You-Blink 182 by everythingfaded
Mojo Pin-Jeff Buckley by feeed_your_head
Moments Made For Worshipping-Steven Curtis Chapman by imlion_o
Mona Lisas and Mad Hatters-Sheri Rene Scott by unbreak_able
Money For Nothing-Dire Straits by postbagboy
Moon River-Audrey Hepburn by sweetcherrypez
Moonage Daydream-David Bowie by feeed_your_head
Moonlit Sonata-Beethoven by grandcross
More Than Words-Extreme by waelk
Moses-Coldplay by sir_dw
Motorbreath-Metallica by ismurfedu247
Motorcycle Drive-by-Third Eye Blind by eamontoplease
Movie Script Ending-Death Cab For Cutie by waytogoeinstein
Moving-Supergrass by mandragora
Moving Out-Billy Joel by agonystar
Mr. Bojangles-The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band by makotokino
Mr. Jack-System of A Down by kandykisses221
Mr. Jones-Counting Crows by crazee_chels
Musical Play Smiling Rebellious Flower-Yasushi Ishii by ko0lchiki
My All-Mariah Carey by ticklemedildo
My December-Linkin Park by kandykisses221
My Generation-The Who by cobwebs_strange
My Girl-The Temptations by ticklemedildo
My Hero-Foo Fighters by kandykisses221
My Immortal-Evanescence by magicpoison
My Only Home-Leah Andreone by magicpoison
My Skin-Natalie Merchant by sweetcherrypez
Mystery Achievement-The Pretenders by colourscrash

Naive Melody-Talking Heads by postbagboy
Nauthiz-Duel Jewel by didgey
Nebel-Rammstein by gothic_hippie
Neon-John Mayer by crazylace01
Never Ending Cycle-Party of Helicopters by waytogoeinstein
Never Surrender-Corey Hart by theqtwithstyle
New Resolution-Azure Ray by ohdearyme
Nightswimming-R.E.M. by mandragora
No More Angels-Soilwork by grandcross
No More Rain in This Cloud-Angie Stone by littlecrush1981
No One's Gonna Come-Sondre Lerche by i_cry_emo_tears
No Seatbelt Song-Brand New by xcounting_stars
No Spoken Word-Stevie Nicks by colourscrash
No Surprises-Radiohead by spankmecold
Nobody's Fault But My Own-Beck by spankmecold
Non-neurosis tunes ~Who the hell are you?~-Yasushi Ishii by ko0lchiki
Norwegian Wood-The Beatles by imlion_o
Not an Addict-K's Choice by bigchoice
Not Myself-John Mayer by danielle09
Nothing Else Matters-Metallica by waelk
Notorious-Duran Duran by young_hearts
November Rain-Guns 'n' Roses by kandykisses221
Numb-Linkin Park by haj33086

Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da-The Beatles by joeygatorman
Obstacle 1-Interpol by lali333
Ocean Avenue-Yellowcard by everythingfaded
October Nights-Yellowcard by bananahammock12
Oh Canada-Five Iron Frenzy by joedude244
Oh Daddy-Fleetwood Mac by colourscrash
OK-The Vandals by punkrockdreams
On A High-Duncan Sheik by insertaliashere
On My Own-Les Miserables by bananahammock12
One-Armed Scissor-ATD-I by bigchoice
One Day In Your Life-Anastacia by littlecrush1981
One Headlight-The Wallflowers by agonystar
One Last Breath-Creed by iamthedan
One Particular Harbor-Jimmy Buffett by gambix
One Way Motorway (Times Like These)-Foo Fighters by synndy
One-Eight-Seven-Senses Fail by ginnah
The Only-Static-X by grandcross
Only Heart-John Mayer by crazylace01
Only Hope-Mandy Moore by magicpoison
Only Hope-Switchfoot by haj33086
Only In Dreams-Weezer by spankmecold
Only Living Boy In New York-Simon and Garfunkel by little_nemo
Only the Good Die Young-Billy Joel by synndy
Only the Strong-Flaw by grandcross
Ooh, Do I Love You-Cap'n Jazz by waytogoeinstein
Open Arms-Journey by x0xjenniferx0x
Opiate-Tool by conker
Other Side-Red Hot Chili Peppers by grandcross
Over the Hills and Far Away-Led Zeppelin by mmmmjournal

Paralyzed-Ride by lali333
Paranoid Android-Radiohead by catherineclare
Pavlov's Bell-Aimee Mann by islandgirl29
Peaches-The Presidents of the United States of America by sweetcherrypez
Penny and Me-Hanson by alittlelullaby
Perfect-Simple Plan by gimpygoblin
The Perfect Drug-Nine Inch Nails by evilcandy
Personal Jesus-Depeche Mode by steebles
Pet-A Perfect Circle by gothic_hippie
Pets-Porno For Pyros by conker
Photobooth-Death Cab For Cutie by little_nemo
Piano Man-Billy Joel by chapter22_reads
Piccadilly Palare-Morrissey by ohdearyme
Pieces of You-Jewel by will_you_notice
Pillsbury Doughgirl-The All-American Rejects by peachgreenleaf
Please Forgive Me-Bryan Adams by virtualinsomnia
Poor Me-The Final Round by bananahammock12
Pop is Dead-Miyavi by makotokino
Poprocks and Coke-Greenday by breakinginside
Popular Demand-Suburban Legends by whatbrightside
Pour Some Sugar On Me-Def Leppard by joedude244
Pressing On-Relient K by ginnah
Pretty Maids All In A Row-The Eagles by colourscrash
Pretty the World-Matt Nathanson by crazylace01
Problems and Bigger Ones-Harvey Danger by eamontoplease
Psycho Killer-Talking Heads by young_hearts
The Punk and the Godfather-The Who by cobwebs_strange
Punk Unity-The Filaments by bigchoice
Punky's Dilemma-Simon & Garfunkel by agonystar
Pure and Easy-The Who by joeygatorman
Purple Haze-Jimi Hendrix by insertaliashere
Push-Matchbox 20 by comeandsee

Quadrophenia-The Who by cobwebs_strange
Quit Your Life-MXPX by bananahammock12

Rain On Me-Ashanti by littlecrush1981
Rainbow-Ayumi Hamasaki by rekkashien
Rapture-Blondie by hawlohx
Rat-Train by comeandsee
Razorblade Kiss-HIM by whatbrightside
Real Gone Kid-Deacon Blue by crazee_chels
The Real Thing-Russel Morris by evilcandy
Red Hill Mining Town-U2 by mmmmjournal
Red Light-Johnny Lang by jessyann
Red Light Pledge-Silverstein by whatbrightside
Reddish-D'espairsRay by didgey
Redemption-Jars of Clay by haj33086
Relax-Frankie Goes to Hollywood by steebles
Responsibility-MXPX by ginnah
Rest in Pieces-Saliva by magicpoison
Rest Stop-Matchbox 20 by jessyann
Riddle-En Vogue by littlecrush1981
Ride on Shooting Star-The Pillows by pariah164
Rock and Roll-The Velvet Underground by ohdearyme
Rockin' In the Suburbs-Ben Folds by childishdreams
Romeo and Juliet-Dire Straits by islandgirl29
Roundabout-Yes by joeygatorman
Run-Collective Soul by kiss_my_bender
Run to the Water-Live by virtualinsomnia
The Runaway-Something Corporate by breakinginside
Running Down A Dream-Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers by postbagboy
Running To Stand Still-U2 by glortw

Saa-Mamotte Shugogetten by fearlessfirefly
Safety Dance-Men Without Hats by iwant2hearusad
San Deem Us Ready-Feavle Weiner by peachgreenleaf
Santeria-Sublime by kandykisses221
Sara-Fleetwood Mac by islandgirl29
Satellite-Dave Matthews Band by haj33086
Satisfaction-The Rolling Stones by postbagboy
Saturate Me-Mandy Moore by virtualinsomnia
Saturday Night-The Eagles by islandgirl29
Save Me-Remy Zero by virtualinsomnia
Save Tonight-Eagle-Eye Cherry by eurobeatqueen
Say Goodbye-Dave Matthews Band by pinktwilight_82
Schadenfreude-Avenue Q (musical) by unbreak_able
School of Rock-School of Rock by osaka
Science Genius Girl-Freezepop by steebles
Science Reasons-Party of Helicopters by waytogoeinstein
The Scientist-Coldplay by everythingfaded
Screaming Infedelities-Dashboard Confessional by x0xjenniferx0x
Secret Garden-Gackt by didgey
Secret Smile-Semisonic by mandragora
See Me, Feel Me-The Who by cobwebs_strange
The Seeker-The Who by joeygatorman
Selfish Man-Flogging Molly by childishdreams
Semi-Charmed Life-Third Eye Blind by glossgrrrl
Separate Ways (Worlds Apart)-Journey by x0xjenniferx0x
Sequel-Harry Chapin by agonystar
Seventy Times 7-Brand New by breakinginside
Sex (I'm A...)-Berlin by steebles
Shake That Bootie-OneTwo by rekkashien
Shane Is My Walmart Man-Sarah Turner by fellomartian
She Blinded Me With Science-Thomas Dolby by chapter22_reads
She Will Be Loved-Maroon 5 by hawlohx
Sheila Take A Bow-The Smiths by ohdearyme
Shine-Yasushi Ishii by fearlessfirefly
Shinken-Asakawa Yuu by pariah164
Short Stories With Tragic Endings-From Autumn to Ashes by sweetcherrypez
Sic Transit Gloria...Glory Fades-Brand New by osaka
Silent All These Years-Tori Amos by unbreak_able
Simon-Lifehouse by virtualinsomnia
Simple and Clean-Hikaru Utada by pariah164
Simple and Clean-Hikaru Utada (PlanitB Remix) by pariah164
Sinner's Prayer-The Simon Girl by thefishes
Siroi Yami no Naka-ShakkaZombie by pariah164
Sleep-Dandy Warhols by islandgirl29
Sleep All Day-Jason Mraz by comeandsee
Sleep On Needles-Sondre Lerche by i_cry_emo_tears
Slip Kid-The Who by joeygatorman
Small Town-John Mellencamp by gambix
Smells Like Teen Spirit-Nirvana by kandykisses221
So Far Away-Staind by grandcross
So Lonely-The Police by mmmmjournal
Sober-Tool by illjusthang
Soco Ameretto Line-Brand New by losing_all_hope
Somebody To Love-Jefferson Airplane by colourscrash
Somebody Told Me-The Killers by glossgrrrl
Someday-Nickelback by virtualinsomnia
Something-The Beatles by insertaliashere
Something Happened On the Way to Heaven-Phil Collins by haj33086
Something in the Way She Moves-James Taylor by imlion_o
Sometimes You Can't Make It On Your Own-U2 by crazee_chels
Song In the Air-Elliot by little_nemo
The Song Remains the Same-Led Zeppelin by flear_8
Sonne-Rammstein by gothic_hippie
Soul Rescuer-Yasushi Ishii by ko0lchiki
Soul to Squeeze-Red Hot Chili Peppers by insertaliashere
The Sound of Silence-Simon and Garfunkel by losing_all_hope
Space Oddity-David Bowie by kinkytreehouse
Spieluhr-Rammstein by gothic_hippie
Split-Screen Sanity-John Mayer by alittlelullaby
Spoon-Dave Matthews Band by indigojenn
St. Stephen-Grateful Dead by catherineclare
Stairway to Heaven-Led Zeppelin by iamthedan
Standing at the Edge of the Earth-Blessed Union of Souls by theqtwithstyle
Starian-Duke by rekkashien
Starman-David Bowie by ziggyplaydguitr
Statix-Dark Tranquility by grandcross
Stay-The Temptations by mrsonsai
Stay (Wasting Time)-Dave Matthews Band by comeandsee
Steamroller-James Taylor by imlion_o
Stellar-Incubus by danielle09
Step In the Name of Love-R.Kelly by fearlessfirefly
Stephanie Says-The Velvet Underground by hip2besquare
Steppin' on the Beach Song-Spongebob by mmmkay_m0nkay
Still In Love Song-The Stills by ohdearyme
Stranger In A Strange Land-Leon Russell by missdr320
Strangers-Portishead by colourscrash
Strangler-Osker by childishdreams
Strawberry Gashes-Jack off Jill by magicpoison
Street Spirit-Radiohead by comeandsee
Stronger Than Dirt-Tom Mcrae by bigchoice
Stupid Things-Nickel by islandgirl29
Suicidal Dreams-Silverchair by kandykisses221
Suite: Judy Blue Eyes-Crosby, Stills and Nash by feeed_your_head
Summertime Rolls-Jane's Addiction by steebles
Sunflowers-Mariah Carey by x0xjenniferx0x
Superman-Five for Fighting by everythingfaded
Survival on the Street of Insincerity-Yasushi Inshii by ko0lchiki
Sweet Child O' Mine-Guns N' Roses by joedude244
Sweet Southern Comfort-Buddy Jewell by stefaniewefanie
Sweetest Goodbye-Maroon 5 by jessyann
Sweetness-Jimmy Eat World by osaka
Swing, Swing-All-American Rejects by virtualinsomnia
Swingin'-Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers by colourscrash
Swingtown-Steve Miller Band by joeygatorman
Sympathy for Sandpaper-Decoy by same_to_you

Tainted Love-Soft Cell by chapter22_reads
Take A Picture-Filter by crazee_chels
Take It to the Limit-The Eagles by joeygatorman
Take Me Away-Avril Lavigne by gimpygoblin
Take Me Down-Psychic Rain by islandgirl29
Take My Breath Away-Berlin by chapter22_reads
Take My Life-Third Day by thefishes
Take On Me-a-ha by mmmmjournal
Takes Lots With Alcohal-Alkaline Trio by sadisticjester
Tangerine-Led Zeppelin by flear_8
Taxi-Harry Chapin by agonystar
Tears In Heaven-Eric Clapton by ismurfedu247
Teenage Riot-Sonic Youth by hip2besquare
Teenage Wildlife-David Bowie by ziggyplaydguitr
Television-Sunny Day Real Estate by conker
Tell Me, Tell Me-S#arp by rekkashien
Ten Years Gone-Led Zeppelin by colourscrash
Tequila Sunrise-The Eagles by kinkytreehouse
There Is A Light That Never Goes Out-The Smiths by feeed_your_head
There You'll Be-Faith Hill by theqtwithstyle
These Dreams-Heart by iamthedan
This Is Your Night-Amber by haj33086
This Love-Maroon 5 by peachgreenleaf
This Ol' Heart of Mine-The Isley Brothers by bananahammock12
This Year's Love-David Gray by crazee_chels
The Place Hotel (Heartbreak Hotel)-The Jacksons by mrsonsai
Three Little Birds-Bob Marley & the Wailers by mmmmjournal
Through the Rain-Mariah Carey by x0xjenniferx0x
Through the Wire-Kayne West by fearlessfirefly
Thunder Road-Bruce Springsteen by gambix
Time After Time-Cindy Lauper by chapter22_reads
Time Bomb-Rancid by ginnah
Time For Heroes-The Libertines by ohdearyme
Timeless-Kelly Clarkson and Justin Guarini by x0xjenniferx0x
Tin Cup Chalice-Jimmy Buffet by bananahammock12
Tiny Dancer-Elton John by hawlohx
Toby Take A Bow-Casiotone For the Painfully Alone by waytogoeinstein
Tokyo Darling-Cascade by rekkashien
Tomorrow Is A Long Time-Bob Dylan by imlion_o
Tonight-Ace Troubleshooter by doubleohlauren
Too Far Gone-All-American Rejects by everythingfaded
Too Much Drama-The Vandals by punkrockdreams
Torn-Yesterday's Rising by i_cry_emo_tears
Touch of Grey-Grateful Dead by insertaliashere
Trauma-Ayumi Hamasaki by rekkashien
Tru To You-The Simon Girl by thefishes
True Story-Ginny Owens by imlion_o
Tuesday's Gone-Lynyrd Skynyrd by kandykisses221
Two Fine People-Cat Stevens by agonystar
Two of Hearts-Stacey Q by littlecrush1981
Two Points For Honesty-Guster by spankmecold
Two-Way Monologues-Sondre Lerche by i_cry_emo_tears
Two Hearts-Phil Collins by crazee_chels

U+K-Gackt by didgey
U Can't Touch This-MC Hammer by fellomartian
Unchained Melody-Elvis by jessyann
Under the Bridge-Red Hot Chili Peppers by iamthedan
Under Pressure-Queen and David Bowie by kinkytreehouse
Undone-Imperial Teen by eamontoplease
Undone (The Sweater Song)-Weezer by osaka
Unexpected Incident-Yasushi Ishii by ko0lchiki
Until the Day I Die-Story of the Year by everythingfaded
Unwell-Matchbox 20 by joedude244

Valenti-BoA by rekkashien
Vampires Will Never Hurt You-My Chemical Romance by little_nemo
Vanilla-Gackt by makotokino
Venus In Furs-Velvet Underground by feeed_your_head
Video Killed the Radio Star-The Buggles by joedude244
Vidrar Vel Til Loftarasa-Sigur Rios by spankmecold
Vindicated-Dashboard Confessional by chapter22_reads

The Waiting-Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers by mmmmjournal
Walking After You-Foo Fighters by crazee_chels
War Pigs-Black Sabbath by lemonpez
Warehouse-Dave Matthews Band by indigojenn
The Warmth-Incubus by waelk
Wasted Years-Maroon 5 by crazylace01
Water Runs Dry-Boyz II Men by ticklemedildo
Waterloo Sunset-The Kinks by hip2besquare
Wave the Peace Sign-Riley Armstrong by joedude244
The Way-Clay Aiken by everythingfaded
Way Away-Yellowcard by everythingfaded
The Way You Make Me Feel-Michael Jackson by danielle09
We Are the World-Michael Jackson by ticklemedildo
We Did It All For Don-Against Me! by bigchoice
We Go to Eleven-Static Lullaby by iwant2hearusad
We Like to Party-Vengaboys by pariah164
Weathered-Yesterday's Rising by i_cry_emo_tears
What Is Life-George Harrison by gambix
What Makes You Different-Backstreet Boys by theqtwithstyle
What Now-Steven Curtis Chapman by imlion_o
What's Up-Four-Non Blondes by agonystar
When Dove's Cry-Prince by chapter22_reads
When I Go Down-Relient K by imlion_o
When the Levee Breaks-Led Zeppelin by flear_8
When the World Ends-Dave Matthews Band by crazylace01
When You Die-The Kry by iamthedan
When You Say Nothing At All-Allison Krauss by ticklemedildo
When you start the War, fight with arrows, spears and swords!-Yasushi Ishii by ko0lchiki
When You're Gone-Bryan Adams by crazee_chels
Whenever You Call-Brian McKnight and Mariah Carey by ticklemedildo
Where Is My Mind?-The Pixies by conker
Where Is the Love?-Black Eyed Peas by iamthedan
Where Is Your Boy-Fallout Boy by bananahammock12
Wherever You Will Go-The Calling by virtualinsomnia
While My Guitar Gently Weeps-The Beatles by gothic_hippie
Whiskey Lullaby-Brad Paisley by rekkashien
White Houses-Vanessa Carlton by everythingfaded
White Man (In Hammersmith Palais)-The Clash by ohdearyme
White Rabbit-Jefferson Airplane by cobwebs_strange
Who Are You-The Who by cobwebs_strange
Who Wouldn't Want to Be Me?-Keith Urban by stefaniewefanie
Whole Lotta Love-Led Zeppelin by flear_8
Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad?-Moby by postbagboy
Winter-Tori Amos by virtualinsomnia
Wish You Were Here-Incubus by _t_h_f_
Wish You Were Here-Pink Floyd by insertaliashere
With A Little Help From My Friends-The Beatles by ismurfedu247
Wolf at the Door-Radiohead by little_nemo
Wonder-Natalie Merchant by agonystar
Wonder Years Theme by kinkytreehouse
Wonderin' Why-Tobymac by thefishes
Wonderwall-Oasis by hip2besquare
Wooly Bully-Sam the Sham and the Pharoahs by agonystar
The World Without Logos-Yasushi Ishii by ko0lchiki

Yesterday-Cherry by rekkashien
You-Jessica Simpson by everythingfaded
You-Radiohead by little_nemo
You and I Bad-Jason Mraz by alittlelullaby
You Never Can Tell-Chuck Berry by hip2besquare
You Never Even Called Me By My Name-David Allan Coe by islandgirl29
You Oughtta Know-Alanis Morissette by will_you_notice
You Raise Me Up-Josh Groban by unbreak_able
You Rock My World-Michael Jackson by mrsonsai
The Young and the Hopeless-Good Charlotte by osaka
You're My Everything-The Temptations by mrsonsai
Your Attention-Blue Man Group by thefishes
Your Body Is A Wonderland-John Mayer by jessyann
Your Lucky Day In Hell-Eels by magicpoison
Your Song-Elton John by theqtwithstyle

Zebra-John Butler Trio by _t_h_f_
Ziggy Stardust-David Bowie by ziggyplaydguitr
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